Wednesday, February 14, 2007

StubbornSoft & MammothSoft

I met a couple of villains today
a formidable lot.

StubbornSoft was one of them called,

the other was MammothSoft

StubbornSoft had it's own ways

for the user it didn't care.

MammothSoft would smugly say

"Try, change me if you dare."

In a moment I then realized

my dark and ugly fate.

When both of them cried out to me

Why, come let's integrate

We'll make a heavenly trio they said

our technologies cutting-edge

So smart piece of code as us

there'd ne'er be, we pledge

"I am quite small" to them said I,

"my features are too few.

But I let users do their job

and go home happy too"

"And what do we have to do with that?"

They asked to my dismay

"We were made to make the boss happy

not users anyway..."

Software is for users