Thursday, September 20, 2012

And we're back

For several very good reasons, I made a move to wordpress about an year back. But the google ranking for this blog never went down. It ranked second on a search for "akshay dhavle" after more than a year of having a single post saying the blog had moved!

90% of the traffic to the new blog was referral traffic from :(

The other stupid mistake I made was two merge my business analysis blog with my everything else blog. It diluted the content significantly.

So here we are. I am back to the "new & improved" blogger platform which is essentially as crappy as it was earlier if not worse. I hate the templates, I hate the lack of customizations, I hate how much "post-production" work I have to do after writing a post just to make headings and paragraphs work the way they are supposed to. I hope it'll get better.

But I am happy that I will be posting more regularly about business analysis.

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