Sunday, May 23, 2010


I facilitated immersion for the March 2010 batch alongwith Arun. On the first day we went through the ThoughtWorks values, culture and history. Then had a session on feedback. We value feedback a lot in ThoughtWorks because the way we deliver is based heavily on Constant Feedback and Continuous Improvement (thanks Sarah). One the second day we went through a brief description of the ThoughtWorks way of running projects (based on agile / lean principles). On the third day we were talking about iterations and about the problems with velocity becoming a target rather than remaining as a basis for planning. I was saying that when we sign up for stories, we don't commit to the points signed up for. It is just a guess based on some information (yesterday's weather) and some gut feel. At this point someone asked the question.
When do we commit? What do you commit to? The client can't just trust you... there needs to be some concrete commitment.
I didn't realize how important this question was when it was asked. But thinking about it I see that it is the basis of everything we* do isn't it? The basic agile principle of
Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation
The success of a software project does not depend on its completion on time or within budget. It depends on what benefit you get out of it.

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  1. If you're going to commit to anything...